A little bit about me

Find out more about the man behind the camera. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with me on the day so it's only right you find out about me… 

Hi, I’m Tom - thanks for stopping by! When I don’t have a camera in my hands, you'll normally find me playing with my baby girl Mila, or up in the woods with our golden lab Juno and dachshund Coco. One of the best bits about being a photographer is that I always have a camera nearby and I love nothing better than documenting our daily lives.

Gin and red wine are my tipples of choice (and may occasionally accompany me for an evening of editing!). Food plays a big part in my life, from cooking supper for my wife or heading out for a fancy meal (when a baby sitter can be found!). However my absolute fave is the humble burger, you can’t beat it!

Outside of home life, I love adventure, whether that’s travelling to the Himalayas or exploring Scotland - I can’t get enough of it! I love to ski, and I've tried snowboarding numerous times (each time usually ending in a fractured wrist, so now I stick to the skis!). But when you mix together some travel and snow, it's a match made in heaven! I can't wait to share lots of travel and adventures with my daughter, one of the things I am most looking forward to as she grows.

Why Photography?

I absolutely love being a photographer and am happiest with a camera in my hands. My passion for photography grew whilst I was a ski instructor (many moons ago!). I realised that I was a pretty good skier but nowhere near as good as some of my mates, so I grabbed a camera and followed along documenting all the crazy things they got up to. This developed a passion so deep that all I could think about was the next photo and how to make each shot better and how all I wanted to do is take photos that stand the test of time... So off to uni I went to study photography in the arts.

The best bit of this, aside from immersing myself photography, was that the course made us use old school film for the first two years. Not only do I love the look of film photography, it actually helped me really understand how to take a photo and how to read light: an absolute game changer! Throughout my time at uni, my passion for skiing and adventure never really left so once I graduated, I focused on commercially photographing adventure sports, working for companies such as Red Bull, Cotswold Outdoor, Visa UK and The Gurkha Welfare trust to name just a few....

But during this time, the questions kept coming from mates and family: can I photograph their wedding?! Always a hard one to turn down, and thank god I didn’t as it opened my eyes to the rest of my life, and brought me full circle to why I picked up a camera in the first place: to document what was happening around me and, in this instance, your wedding! I get the greatest honour, being allowed to photograph one of the biggest days of your life and be the one to give you images and therefore memories that you can cherish for ever. I absolutely love what I do and I put this energy and passion into every single image I take.